Reckoning: in place, in person, in practice (Melbourne, 23-24 Nov)

Old wooden abacus with a calculated, shot with very shallow depth of field , Macro photography

The ninth Melbourne Doctoral Forum on Legal Theory This year the forum is particularly concerned with questions of method: How do we reckon with law? Reckoning holds this tension – how can we meet our scholarly responsibilities in the present and live the outcomes as our institutional lives? In actuarial disciplines, reckoning is about calculating risk and speculating on potential. In … [Read more...]

Divided Authorities and Dispossessed Peoples (ANU, 20-22 July)

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Keynotes Louise Amoore (Durham, UK) Chiara Bottici (New School, NYC) Davide Panagia (UCLA) Dimitris Vardoulakis (Western Sydney University) Convenors Fiona Jenkins (Philosophy) Desmond Manderson (CASS/Law) Forms of authority inhabit aesthetic events and practices, and equally suffuse political and social discourse. The intersection of these modalities is attracting unprecedented … [Read more...]

Challenging Words Workshop (ANU, 3 Nov)

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Thursday, 3 November 2016 - 9:00am - Friday, 4 November 2016 - 4:00pm   ANU College of Law welcomes applications to the first Challenging Words workshop to be held in Canberra on 3-4 November 2016. It may change how you approach the law forever. Engage your thinking about—and experiencing—the law in a wholly new and creative way, together with Professor Zenon Bankowski, renowned legal … [Read more...]

Ethics, Art and Moving Images: Kent/Whitstable Biennale (June 3)


This transdisciplinary symposium explores how ethics can figure eminently in the generation of art and images after modernism and postmodernism, starting from the premise that in the Anthropocene, the work cannot rest upon its separation from the world. The symposium asks what ethics are at play in the relations between the human artist, the art, and the human and non-human models or participants. … [Read more...]

(In)visibility: Law and Culture Conference (5-6 Sept 2016, St Mary’s)


What does it mean to be seen? What does it mean to see? What can and cannot, should and should not, be visible? What are the limits of legal sight, and what lies beyond? What can academic and critical study make visible to law? Can (in)visibility produce (in)justice? The Law and Culture Conference 2016 aims stimulate a wide ranging and in-depth discussion on the tensions, significance, … [Read more...]

Law and Enjoyment: Power, Pleasure and Psychoanalysis (2015)

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Daniel Hourigan’s book Law and Enjoyment: Power, Pleasure and Psychoanalysis (Routledge 2015) was recently awarded third prize in the internal University of Southern Queensland's Publication Excellence Awards for Authored Books. The award showcases research and esteemed publication, and rewards the improvement of USQ’s research performance. Law and Enjoyment was also a finalist for the … [Read more...]

AFLJ: special themed issue (Philosophies of Difference)

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Editors: Simone Gustafsson, Rebecca Hill & Helen Ngo In this special issue of AFLJ (Vol 43.1, June 2017), we will present a collection of articles addressing the conceptualisation of difference. The articles will take divergent approaches to thinking difference. For example, through a reading of Francis Ponge and Jacques Derrida, one contributor will propose an inventive concept of difference … [Read more...]

Penny Pether Prize Winner 2015: Alison Young

Young_Pether Award

The LLHAA has awarded the 2015 Penny Pether Prize to Alison Young for her book Street Art, Public City. Street Art, Public City is the culmination of ten years’ work by an accomplished interdisciplinary scholar, and displays everywhere the elegance, the authority, and the intellectual agility earned over time. It casts street art at the centre of debates about public life, giving form to the … [Read more...]